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[OOC] How's My Driving


[Mun:] Edo // kyatto
[Email:] kyatto.sparkle.art@gmail.com
[AIM:] stillnotginger
[Yahoo IM:] Please ask
[Timezone // Availability:] Eastern Standard Time ; Nights and weekends (after 6PM usually)


[Character:] The Doctor (Tenth Incarnation)
[Canon:] Doctor Who
[Timeline:] Post "Journey's End" (end of Series 4)


The Initial App...Collapse )


Questions? Comments? Plot ideas? Let me know here! ♥

{005} - [Video]

[Aw, look who is mildly disappointed that he always seems to conveniently miss the weirdness.]

Huh. Wouldn't suppose all the research in the universe could explain even half of this...


Other me - Doctor - when you get the chance, I reckon we ought to compare readings, so to speak. That is, if you aren't too busy trying to master the look of an early 2000s teenager.

And Reinette, I heard word around that there was something you'd like to talk about, yes? Whenever you're ready.

{004} - [Voice]

[Filtered to Reinette ]

Madame de Pompadour! Reinette... Are you around? I've got something to show you.


{003} - [Video]

[The video feed cuts on to show the tenth Doctor running about the inside of the TARDIS, bleeping various instruments with his pretty blue sonic screwdriver.]


[And now he's on his back, bleeping things underneath the console.]


[Finally we have footage that would make a perfect head-desk macro, only instead he's banging his head against the console.]

No no no no no... This can't be...

{002} - [Voice]

[Silence, then a flickering of static. It's followed by the high-pitched whir of the sonic screwdriver. Apparently he's been working on something.]

I don't suppose my ears have been deceiving me, but...


Must be hearing things...

This isn't 18th century France, after all.

{001} - [Accidental Video]

[Ah, yes – someone new has found themselves within this City! The video feed flickers on – at first nothing but static – then it shows flashes of light. With a loud VHOOOMP! VHOOOMP! something materializes right by the carousel. It’s a blue…police box?!]

[The door flings open and a tall, lanky, rather squirrelly-looking man in a pinstripe suit steps out. He’s very casual about it, the movements very broad and direct. Clearly he has no idea that this is not the place he had originally intended to find himself at.]

Now, then – What have we got here? Hm…[He’s looking around.] Red. Very red…

Nah, this can’t be it… [Scratching his head.] This isn’t Liverpool. Kind of…Well, it kind of looks like Mars in twenty-seven ninety-nine but that can’t possibly be right either…

Let’s just see… [Back inside the police box he goes…only to come back out moments later.] No still not- [And back in again!...And then back out!] Blimey…

[Now he’s circling the thing, though the video feed only catches a little bit of it.] What could possibly be the matter? Why aren’t the coordinates locking into place?

I don’t suppose… [Finally, he sees the communication device on the ground, but doesn’t know that it’s been recording him.] Oh, what’s this, then?

‘ello there! Look at you…Oh, would you- you are gorgeous! [Out of the pocket comes the sonic screwdriver and a flash of blue light, though it does nothing except make the feed gritty for a second.] Where did you come from?

Well, now, I’ve no idea what this place is, but…Have I been here before? No, couldn’t have possibly…But the TARDIS - and this[He motions to the carousel, which is starting to creep him out just a little.] What is all this…?

[He slumps against the door of the police box, the communicator still in hand which he is eying quite curiously, as if he knows whatever answers he’s seeking would be sure to come from there. And what is this feeling of Déjà vu that’s been hitting him like a freight train since he got here?]

{OOC: Have a perplexed Doctor! Feel free to bug him if you are in the vicinity. I’ll assume replies are Video unless otherwise noted!}